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This is the most relaxing massage I can remember. After a brief consultation, I decided to try the Hot Stone Massage. It reached the deep tissue, really releasing my very tight shoulder and leg muscles. It left me feeling so warm and relaxed I have booked 90 minutes next time - great value. Samantha has a real healing touch.

David, 73, Charity Worker

I had a hot stone massage and an Intuitive Massage from Samantha. The intuitive massage was amazing! Her touch was so targeted at relieving all the areas I was holding tension. I felt like I had shed so many layers of knotty tension in my body afterwards. The space Samantha has for the treatments feels very safe and calming. She offered a really caring and professional service and talked through all the treatments she offered beforehand to work out what would suit best – I will definitely be going back!

Louisa, 35, Lawyer

I had a shoulder pain that needed some focused attention before I took on a new job, and was referred to Samantha by a friend who’d visited her a few weeks earlier. Samantha made me feel welcome and at ease, and really listened to my concerns. It was a great combination of relaxing massage and deep tissue work in the affected area, and my shoulder felt much better after the session. Her warmth, kindness and good humour were palpable and made all the difference.

Kieran, 40, Actor


Mindful Self-Compassion has been the quietest, kindest revolution. I have developed a whole new relationship with my inner critic. Things have been shifting in all areas of my life since I started these practices. Who knew being kinder to myself was at the centre of everything. 

Jane, 37, Teacher

One of the most powerful things I learned on this course was how to turn the experience of feeling angry or hurt into an opportunity for healing something deep inside myself. It is something I have been practicing ever since. Another life-changing insight from the course was that when I am seeking love/care/understanding/respect from someone, and feeling angry that I am not getting it, I can turn the lens around and focus on giving myself that love, care and respect – that is an immensely empowering realisation.

Andy, 35, Life Coach and Mindfulness trainer

As a coach and trainer, I work with personal development and coaching clients and I found this course just really hit the mark in helping me to learn new techniques to build a much deeper relationship with myself that has helped me build confidence professionally and personally. As an extra bonus, I have also used many of the exercises and techniques with my clients and they have found it a game changer. This work speaks deeply to the heart.

Nicky, 50, Creative Coach

Not only was this course a precious gift, but it also felt like I was receiving myself as a precious gift. Beaming over big gratitude your way. Learning Mindful Self-Compassion is like learning a new language. If, like me, you had critical voices that were active from early childhood, these practices will help guide you towards new ways of speaking to and being with yourself - both in life's big moments, but also in daily more subtle moments. 

Sam, 49, Public Health Advisor

The course really benefitted my daughter who was not in a good place when the course started and had immense stress due to her final year of university and lockdown. The MSC course provided a safe space for her to understand how she was feeling, and gave her tools to cope when she wasn't. When you are doing more courses please let me know.

Nikki, 45, Homeopath

I arrived not knowing much about self-compassion, having been recommended the course from a good friend. It has now become a running joke with myself. It pops up in places I would least expect. I am in the middle of reacting to something, and notice "oh, I am not being nice to myself right now" - then I take a pause and think “how could I be kinder to myself right now?" As a child I absorbed the message that listening to my own needs was selfish – but turns out I am still as kind as I have always been, only now I extend that same kindness to myself too.

Holly, 69, Writer

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